Cat pet games

Do you love cats? Always wanted to have a cat as a pet? Then this game will become your best friend. Come and check out the cat house. Cuddle them, pet them and play with them all day long😻.

This is your golden chance to spend some time with cute little kittens. There are lots of cute and adorable cats and kittens in My CatTown😻. You are the owner of this place, so decorate the house to your liking, take care of the cats and kittens and play with them all day long. In this app, you can spend endless hours of fun with the lovely paw pets.

What can you do in these adorable purring pet games?
🐾Play with the cute cats in the house!
Become a part of a cat’s life. Pet your purring cats in the house. Play with the cats in the playhouse, treehouse and many other places that cats love!

Get many and different kittens!
You don’t have to watch just one cat – in this app you will find many cute cats of different breeds!😻Enjoy playing with them in your cat games😸

The game is just wonderful! No paid content! There are only three locations, one is open, the rest open on the 4th level. There are quite a lot of kittens, three are open from the very beginning, the rest open at higher levels. However, not all things in the rooms are open, some need to be bought for (gaming!!!!) money. You can level up and earn money in mini-games. The games are interesting, but in my opinion there are too few of them, which is why it quickly gets boring to save money. And so the game is cool!
August 17 , 2020
I remembered the game because I played in the game and I know that this game is beautiful and if people write that it is buggy, then I did not have a buggy and this game is updated and I like it yes yes the game is very good only the pros 4 pluses 1 cute cats 2 lots of vishey 3 good graphics 4 lots of rooms and I I know that they will write it now, but I don't read it, and if it was possible to put 8 stars, then I would put it, dear developers, please note
March 26 , 2023